The inspiration



I had the inspiration for the carpets when I went out and photographed monuments in the 1980's. I also read reports from the National Heritage Board of acidification damage and other damage. I wondered how I would depart from the minimalist to have manufactured a true work of art nearest to scale size.


- Carpets are of many art lovers regarded as a serious craft, so I had to make carpets. Fragments of stones found in the original colors, makes things even more interesting.


Rune stones were originally painted. Today we only complete lines in red, to the extent that we see anything at all.


Runstone art in the Nordic countries is the last independent art. The stones are often signed by the artist, who was also our first named author. It can also be said that it is our earliest Christian art.


When I was a child I saw a lot of art in the near and far. Other countries nurtured their heritage in a way that attracted tourists and visitors. Sweden, unlike the culture-rich Mediterranean countries have very little to preserve and promote. All the more reason to conserve, preserve and highlight the little we have.


We should not forget that the Viking Age is the era that we are most famous for around the world. And we should not let a few, to make us forget it either!


The founder of the Nordic Museum and Skansen put it;

who does not revere the past;

is not worthy the future.

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